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Who are the Actors in the Spectrum Mobile Commercial?

Spectrum Mobile, located in the United States of America, is a mobile virtual network operator service. It was founded in 2018 and is operated by Charter Spectrum, its parent company. Spectrum commercial actors have made significant contributions to the company’s success in a short period. Spectrum commercial actors are an aspect of the company’s national TV advertisement campaign, which has helped it rank higher than its competing companies. The advertising, combined with an aggressive social media campaign has helped to build the Spectrum brand across America and the world.  Spectrum TV and mobile offer a diverse range of services and products, including 5G wireless connections, phone plans, smartphones, and accessories. The marketing team designs innovative ways to present these to prospective customers.

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Actors in Mobile Commercial

Mars Crain

This American actor is well-known for his roles in Hancock (2008), House (2004), and Key and Peele (2012). He also appeared in the web series Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. ‘In Spectrum’s advanced in-house Wi-Fi TV commercial, “Video Game,” he played a soldier.

Becky Chicoine

Becky is the most well-known Spectrum commercial actress. This stunning actress appears as a mother in a 30-second TV Spectrum internet commercial titled the right connection. She is a comedian and writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Micah Fitgerald

Micah is well-known for his powerful, deep voice. He is well-known for his contributions to The Call of the Wild (2020), Swamp Thing (2019), and West world (2016). He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1973. He also works as a recording artist. Micah appears in the Spectrum commercial. Nothing beats movie night, as promoted by the company’s TV app. The disabled person can also use the app by listening to an audio description. The voice-over for this commercial was done by Darren Polish and Tim Baker.

Gaby Espin

Another Spectrum commercial actress is Maria Gabriela Espino Rugero, also known as Gaby Espino. She is a Venezuelan actress, model, and television host. Maria is the actress in the new Spectrum commercial, Pagando mucho, which promotes the Spectrum Internet and TV app in Spanish. She has also appeared in several other Spectrum Latino commercials.

Mietta Gornal

Mietta appears in the Spectrum Triple Play Television ad, which combines TV, internet, and voice services. She is also a model and dancer, and she currently resides in Byron Bay, Australia. The actress is also a surfer and a certified yoga teacher. Miss Gornal has danced with Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. She’s also appeared in a few music videos. The 1-minute Spectrum commercial also includes beat boxer Andrew Fitzpatrick, aka ’80Fitz.’

Ellen de genres

Ellen is a well-known television host who provided the voice for Spectrum’s internet TV commercial Think Forward: Family Time. The advertisement contrasts historical internet speeds with futuristic technology to demonstrate how fast its browsing speeds are.

Oryan Landa

Oryan is an American cinema-trained actor based in New York City, though he was born in Washington in 1980. He is well-known for his roles in films such as The Devil’s Candy (2015) and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014). In addition to acting, the actor is a hand model, voice-over artist, and teleprompter. He began his career by teaching kindergarten in China and high school drama in New York. As a satellite customer, he appears in Spectrum’s internet plus TV commercial better than Satellite: $44.99. The voice acting is done by Eric Hurst.

Mary Avgerinos

Mary Avgerinos is a Spectrum commercial actress who appeared in the It’s a Fact internet and TV commercial. She is well-known for her contributions to the films Not for Nothing: The Impact Factor (2021) and In Your Afterglow (2020). In New York and Philadelphia, the spectrum commercial girl also works as a model. Mary worked as a senior interior designer before entering the world of film. She is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys traveling. She also speaks Greek fluently.

John Hoogenakker

 The latest Spectrum Mobile Unlimited TV commercial features John. John has made a name for himself over the years, bringing a vivid, dynamic character to life on screen in everything from drama to comedy, film, acclaimed television series, and on stage.

Spectrum advertising actors and actresses have assisted the organization in publicizing its diverse range of products. The company has teamed up with Verizon to provide its consumers with unrestricted internet access, allowing it to remain a step ahead of its competitors. GEICO is an insurance company based in the United States that offers products and services to government employees. Because of its distinctive branding and marketing strategy, the company has grown enormously in popularity.


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