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The Main Character Is The Villain Manga Updates

In the main character is the villain manga series, the main character is the villain. In this fantasy story, the main character is the villain and the story revolves around him. The series takes place in present time but follows the main character as he explores a fantasy world and tries to stop it. Eventually, the main character realizes that he has to make him pay for his crimes and must stop his evil plans.

Villainess plot

In The Main Character Is the Villain Manga Updates, the main character (MC) is the antagonist of the story. The story takes place in present time, and follows the main character (Villain). However, the MC is a very mature character, who uses her knowledge from her previous life extensively to gain more power. For this reason, the MC’s motives are often ill-conceived.

Plot of the manga

In the Rebirth of the Top Villain, the titular character becomes a new, foolish side character. He was once an ordinary office worker, but was reborn as a villain after killing his boss. Now, he strives to climb the ranks and defeat countless demons and monsters. If you want to read the latest updates of Plot of the villain manga, you can check out the website below.

Ling Chen, the main villain

This manga’s main antagonist is Ling Chen. He’s been living in the human world for 35 years, but in the final battle with Ye Muxue, he’s reset to his youth. The goal of the story is to stop him before he grows into a powerful enemy. In the manga, Ling Chen is always on his guard, so it’s important that he doesn’t let Ye Zimu get too far ahead of him.

He has fallen in love with Yan Zhi in the human realm, but he doesn’t realize that he’s being enchanted. His human form resembles that of a ghost. The ghost version of him, however, is much more dangerous. His body is covered in red flames, and he has a very small head. This makes him a perfect target for spies.


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