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How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Mac

You’ve recently purchased a wireless mouse but have no idea how to use it? This is just what you require: a step-by-step guide on how to connect wireless mouse to mac or computer.

To connect with the wireless mouse, select the sort of computer you’ll be using.

There are two types of wireless mouse, each with its own distinct connecting method. One version employs advanced 2.4 GHz wireless access with a small USB nano receiver, while the other use Wireless Bluetooth technology. To find out more about your wireless mouse, click on either of the links below.

  • Use a USB receiver to connect your wireless mouse.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Mouse Pairing

2 Easiest Method of How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Mac

Method 1: Use a USB receiver to connect a wireless mouse

  1. Plug the wireless receiver into the USB port on your computer.
  1. Make sure your mouse is turned on. The power button on such a mouse is usually found near the bottom of the device. If you didn’t spot the On/Off button, see the company’s instructions or contact the manufacturer’s customer service department for assistance.
  1. Click the “Connection” button on your mouse. On various brands, it is placed at different positions. To find it, look at the bottom and top of your mouse. Check the guidelines or contact the manufacturer’s customer care if you didn’t locate the button.
  1. Find the connection by moving your mouse around.

Method 2: How to pair a Bluetooth mouse on a Mac

  1. Keep in mind your mouse’s battery is fully charged. Most wireless mouse require a USB connection to charge. AA or AAA batteries are required for a certain wireless mouse.
  • If your mouse uses AA or AAA batteries, open the battery pack on the bottom of the mouse and replace the batteries.
  • Put the micro USB or USB-C connection into a USB port on the front and back of the mouse if the mouse charges via USB. Let the mouse charge up for a few hours. Some other side of the USB cable should be connected to a free USB port on your computer or a phone charger. The USB ports on Macbooks are normally located on the right side of the keyboard. The USB ports in iMacs are normally found on the back of the monitor.

2. Switch on your Logitech mouse. The mouse’s On/Off switch is placed on the bottom.

  • If the mouse requires batteries, check whether it uses AA or AAA batteries by opening the battery container on the bottom. Place the batteries in the battery compartment according to the diagram.

3. Switch to pairing mode on the mouse. The method for putting a mouse in pairing mode differs based on the model. On the bottom of the most mouse, there is a button that you press and hold. When the mouse is in pairing mode, it generally has a light that flashes. If you ever need help setting the mouse in pairing mode, check the user’s manual or the company’s website.

  • A Channel button is found on the bottom of several Logitech wireless mouse devices. Before connection through Bluetooth, if your wireless mouse does have a Channel button, press it to select a channel.

4. Select the Apple logo. That’s the upper-left corner symbol that looks like an apple. It will bring up the Apple menu.

5. Select System Preferences. It’s accessible through the Apple drop-down menu. The System Preferences menu appears.

6. Select Bluetooth from the menu. It has a blue symbol with a tail that looks like a jagged “B.” To access the Bluetooth menu, click the symbol.

  • Instead, you can tap the Bluetooth symbol in the upper-right corner of the navigation toolbar and then select Open Bluetooth Preferences.

7. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. If the Bluetooth symbol on the left shows “Bluetooth: Off,” tap Turn Bluetooth On to make sure Bluetooth is switched on. Your Mac will begin looking for Bluetooth devices in the area.

8. Use your Logitech mouse to select. To pair the computer with the Logitech mouse, select it. The Logitech mouse will appear on the screen once your Mac finds it in pairing mode.

  • Confirm to see whether your mouse is now in pairing mode if you’re not seeing it right away.


In this article, we have summarized how to connect wireless mouse to Mac. However, we have shared the easiest methods to connect your wireless mouseā€”also, the method of pairing Bluetooth mouse most simply. So just hit this article folks.

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