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What Was The Wordle Today

What Was the Wordle Today?

Did you know that the New York Times picked up on what was the Wordle today? Wordle is a daily word game where you type in five letter words and use color codes to find the correct answer. The New York Times featured this game in their online newsroom. You can play Wordle without having to download the app. Here are some tips on playing Wordle:

Color codes

If you’ve been wondering what’s the deal with the color codes on the Wordle today, the answer is STEAD! It means “place or part of something”. The answer for yesterday was voice, agape, and fluff. The answers for July 5 and 3 were “field” and “egret,” respectively. The colors on today’s Wordle are not the ones you see in the dictionary.

When you play this game, you have six tries to guess the five-letter word of the day. You can see if you’ve guessed the right word by the way the letter colors change. When a letter is missing from the word, it shows up as gray or yellow. The same thing happens when you’re trying to guess the word, but this makes it even more fun! As you get more creative, you’ll likely come up with a word you can use in your own writing, too.


The clue to the Wordle of the Day for today is “Rareness.” This word has a unique letter order and uses the same consonant twice. In fact, it is a word that you’d be unlikely to find outside of a church. Its two vowels are in positions 2 and 4 – the opposite of what you’d expect. This makes it a rare word, and is also a bit challenging to solve.

The New York Times recently changed the code and removed six words from the Wordle’s solutions. Players noted that Wednesday’s solution was unusually obscure. But what is rareness, anyway? Using Google’s database of English words published in books since 1500, it is possible to find many uncommon words. The solution for today’s puzzle, ‘pupal,’ is also uncommon. The New York Times’ word list reveals the meanings of words ranging from “rare” to “rare.”

Y as surrogate vowel

Y is a common surrogate vowel and often appears in words at the end. This is helpful when you’re looking for words with three or more vowels. The letter Y is also commonly used in words with U in the middle. Words that end with the letter Y are harder to find, but the other letters will suffice if Y is in the middle.

Y can also act as a surrogate vowel. Many words start with the letter L, so you can use L as the first letter of your word. Words that end with Y are usually ungrammatical and misspelled. For example, answer 281 contains a Y as a surrogate vowel. In addition, the word ‘yield’ is misspelled, indicating that the word is ungrammatical.

Easy mode

Most people are familiar with the game’s Easy mode, which gives you the option of guessing any word with five letters. Using these coloured tiles, you must identify all green letters and include any yellow ones correctly. Although the game’s official sources do not reveal the number of people who play hard mode, you can get a rough estimate by playing on Easy mode. After all, it’s easier than you think, and the only real difference between Easy and Hard modes is the difficulty level.

The game’s Easy mode lets you guess a word within four tries, and it makes it much easier to guess words in hard mode. However, the daily challenges are still quite tough and it can be easy to fail. The word FOUND was especially challenging this week, breaking streaks with its four-letter ending. NYMPH, on the other hand, eluded many players due to its lack of a vowel.


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