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What Truckers Don’t Tell You

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a trucker, this post will give you a snapshot of all the craziness they have to put up with on the road!

There’s always something happening in the world, and drivers are often there right in the thick of it. While their life may not be as glamorous as Hollywood portrays, that doesn’t mean they’re not out on an adventure every day.

Why Do People Think Truckers Are Weird?

This is a common question that many people have asked when they first learn about what truckers do for a living. Why would anyone want to drive around in an RV or semi-truck? The average person thinks that truckers travel far from their home and that they must be weird to want to do this. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Truckers are hard-working people who are constantly on the go looking for shipping work and more truck loads. Truck drivers often take road trips across the country or even around the globe, putting them in touch with many different cultures and places completely unknown to any other human being.

Many Drivers Are Lonely.

The lifestyle of a trucker is different than most people, who lead much more social lives. Truckers, by contrast, can struggle with forming relationships on the road and being left alone for days or weeks at a time. Because of this, some of them become lonely quite easily. Many have only started driving because it is lonely at home or because they needed to support their family financially. Of course, some just enjoy being out on the road and rarely stay in one place for long periods. However, because loneliness is a big problem for truckers, it is something that needs to be addressed.

Trucks Can Be Parked Anywhere.

This is a common thing that people don’t really think about when they see a big rig parked along the road. Often, drivers will need to take their rest where they are during their shift, so for them, it’s just a matter of finding somewhere quiet and out of the way to park that night. Some people don’t know this and mistakenly assume that drivers are all weirdos.

Not All Truckers Listen To Country Music.

This again is another thing that people don’t really think about. What they think is weird might just be normal for a driver who enjoys country music. Not everyone has to listen to heavy metal while on the road!

Some Truckers Love To Talk About Their Lives.

For some truckers, it’s not unusual to hear them speak of their families and home lives. This may be because many people are lonely on the road, and it helps them feel connected to the ones they love back home. Some even describe how things were like before they started driving and what their families were like when they were younger.

While this might all seem very strange to the average person, you’ll see that it’s normal for truckers. If you want to be a trucker, it’s just a matter of getting into the right career.


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