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What Is Lead Forensics?

Recent statistics reveal that 85% of businesses who sell B2B say that lead generation is their number one priority for their marketing goals. Meanwhile, 68% of B2B companies admit they struggle with generating leads.

Therefore, solutions like Lead Forensics are popular with B2B businesses when it comes to generating online leads.

How is your business collecting leads? Further, when you collect them, how fast are you to respond?

The ideal timeframe to contact online leads is under five minutes. Yes, the “golden window” is that quick. In fact, calling online leads in under five minutes is more effective than calling them after 30 minutes by 21 times!

What is the Lead Forensics solution, and why is it so effective for gathering website visits and online leads fast? Keep reading to explore Lead Forensics and the need for speed.

About Lead Forensics

Established in 2009, with locations including Atlanta, Portsmouth, Scottsdale, and Bristol, Lead Forensics is a solution that helps businesses like yours engage with customers and prospects quickly.

Lead Forensics is helping over 60,000 customers globally overcome the challenge of being able to reach someone when they are most engaged with your website. Boosting sales requires a real-time engagement that is authentic and human. Trapping online leads immediately has never been easier.

There are other solutions too, that are like Lead Forensics and are helping businesses boost sales by collecting online leads quickly. Check out this comparison on Lead Forensics with another leading provider.

How It Works

Using a small portion of code, Lead Forensics tracks IP addresses that visit your website. It is a lot like Google Analytics, but Lead Forensics takes it a step further for you.

Lead Forensics takes your website visits and matches them with the data they have. This is so they can provide their customers with accurate details on the website user.

It is no longer an anonymous visitor. Lead Forensics provides the business name, industry, phone number, address, employee numbers, and turnover and tells you which pages the website user visits.

When you know the behavior of online leads, you can target them more effectively.

The data is instantly accessible to you via an online portal. You can also integrate Lead Forensics with certain CRMs, including Oracle, Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

Benefits of Lead Forensics

It is a tremendous advantage for sales and marketing to target someone who has already hit your website, demonstrating some interest in your B2B product or solution. This improves the quality of your leads too, giving you a list of leads that you can nurture for the future.

Finally, with Lead Forensics, you have the information you need to close more deals.

Get More Leads

Now that you know more about Lead Forensics and how it helps businesses gather online leads and grow, it provides food for thought. How can your B2B business effectively gather leads and respond in under five minutes?

For more great ways to make your business more effective and thrive in today’s market, we have many more articles just like this one. Do not leave. Keep clicking for more great tips!


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