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What Do Consumer Non-durables Jobs Pay

Consumer Non-Durables Jobs – What Do Consumer Non-Durables Jobs Pay?

If you’re interested in working in the consumer non-durables industry, you’re in luck! The demand for non-durable products is growing at a steady 7.5% annual rate, thanks to the emergence of developing economies and technological developments. Here are five of the best paying consumer non-durables jobs – and how much they pay. The first three positions in the table are in the manufacturing sector.

Farm tools production

The production of farm tools is a highly lucrative and rewarding industry. Despite its physical demands, the job has plenty of benefits, including a healthy pay package. Workers can earn from $25 to $35 per hour, depending on their responsibility and position. In addition to the pay package, many companies in this industry also employ salespeople and cargo movers. As of 2017, the United States, Brazil, China, and Russia generate the highest revenue from this industry worldwide.

Careers in this industry are plentiful. Companies like Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Unilever provide international employment and internship opportunities. Additionally, many of these companies place a high value on employee welfare, providing their employees with well-equipped gyms and other perks. These companies also pay well and provide attractive benefits, including health insurance, pensions, and regular training.

Paper manufacturing

Paper manufacturing is among the best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durables sector. This industry uses workers in various production and logical tasks. Paper production jobs usually pay $25 to $35 per hour. The amount of responsibility and level of skill required to be successful in this industry can also vary. Depending on the job role, an average annual salary for a paper worker can range from $41,000 to $79,500.

As the consumption of nondurable goods has increased exponentially in recent years, the paper manufacturing industry has changed drastically. Many people use paper products daily, and replacing them requires a specialized knowledge base and logical handling. For these reasons, a career in paper manufacturing can be very rewarding. As a result, these jobs pay high salaries. You can earn a competitive salary in the consumer non-durables sector by becoming a paper manufacturer.


If you’re a recent graduate, consumer non-durables jobs at Unilever could be the perfect fit. The industry is massive, with a high number of open positions. This is one sector where internships are well-paid and you could gain a diverse range of skills. To make the most of this career opportunity, you should know a bit about the field. Besides its high pay, consumer non-durables jobs at Unilever are also renowned for having some of the best internship programs.

The salary for this sector varies from five to ten times more than that of regular jobs. For example, sales managers can manage a team of one to a regional or national level. With several years’ experience, sales managers can make up to six figures if they have the right skills. Unlike other industries, these jobs often offer excellent benefits. In addition to excellent compensation, most consumer non-durables companies offer performance bonuses, which allow their employees to earn double-digit salaries.


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