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What to Expect from an Online Master’s Degree in Sports Management Program Curriculum

Whether you’re a seasoned sports professional or just starting in the field, an online master’s degree in sports management will provide you with a competitive edge. This is especially true in the fast-growing sports industry.

Many programs offer a flexible curriculum so you can tailor your studies to match your interests. Some even allow you to pursue an internship in a local sport organization, giving you real-world experience and hands-on learning.

Business of Sports

The Business of Sports is a diverse industry. It encompasses everything from marketing a professional team to running a sports venue. A Master’s degree in sports management can prepare you for various careers in the business side of this fascinating industry.

Several top-ranked schools offer online master’s degree in sports management degree programs. These programs are often designed for students who work full-time and cannot afford to attend an in-person program or those who need flexibility in their schedule.

They allow students to take classes online while maintaining a high-quality education. The 36-credit-hour program features coursework in strategic marketing, research, and technology.

Many of these courses are offered by highly experienced professors in sports management. In addition, the school is known for its internship program, which has helped graduates land top jobs within the industry.

It is available to students across the country and abroad. It is entirely online and offers courses in general business and sports-specific business. The program also includes an experiential component where students apply what they’ve learned through a sports industry practicum, research thesis, seminar in international business, or independent study.

Sport Marketing

Online master’s degree programs in sports management will offer a variety of courses related to sports marketing. This can include branding, social media marketing, and public relations.

Many of these courses will use real-world examples to teach students how to market sports products or services. This includes stadium sponsorship, branded merchandise, team apparel, and advertising and broadcasting contracts.

Some of these classes will also examine how teams can work to attract and retain a fan base. This can include promoting merchandise through social media, working with celebrities to market a product, and engaging with fans at sporting events.

In addition to classroom instruction, students with an online master’s degree in sports management will often take assignments that directly apply to their careers. For example, a recent class asked students to evaluate the changing ticketing system for college and professional sports, using current events data to predict the design in five years.

Online master’s degrees in sports management are a good option for those balancing their academic and career commitments. These programs typically offer a flexible curriculum and can be completed part-time.

Sport Law

A master’s degree in sports management can open the door to various career options. You may work directly with athletes as a performance specialist, or you can manage a sports organization from a business perspective.

Online sports management programs often feature courses that incorporate a mix of traditional classroom lectures and discussion boards, along with technology, to simulate a sports-related setting. For example, an online sports economics course asks students to analyze how some college and professional teams are moving away from fixed-price ticketing and toward more dynamic models.

Some online master’s degrees in sports management also offer opportunities for internships and other hands-on experience. For instance, an online MS in Sports Management includes a capstone option allowing you to choose an internship or thesis project.

You can expect your coursework to focus on a wide range of topics in the world of sports, including legal issues and ethics. You’ll learn how to manage the finances of a sport and how to oversee athletic training.

In addition, you’ll likely study the law of competition and how it can affect a sports team or venue. Several different areas of law can apply to a sports team, such as trademarks, trade names, copyrights, and publicity rights.

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Sports Administration

When you earn an online master’s degree in sports management, you can take courses that apply directly to sports. This can help you stand out from your competition when applying for jobs in the sports industry.

You may also find a program accredited by the Council on Sport Management and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (COSMA). It offers a hybrid sports management degree that allows students to engage in real-world projects and research project opportunities.

In addition to specialized coursework, online graduate degrees in sports administration often require students to complete an internship or thesis experience. This field experience teaches you to apply your knowledge of theory and leadership, communication, and service in an actual business setting.

Getting a degree in sports administration can be a rewarding and lucrative career path for anyone with a passion for sports and a desire to lead. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of education administrators, including athletic administrators, is projected to grow by 8% through 2030.

An online master’s degree in sports administration will equip you with the business, marketing, and sociology skills necessary to succeed in your chosen career field. Coursework will include foundational classes in business, such as finance and accounting, economics, law, and marketing. You will also study research and analytics, entrepreneurship, and sports marketing.


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