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Local SEO Near Me: How To Choose the Right Local SEO Agency

Are you aware that around 400,000 new small businesses open each year? With so much competition, you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd with an effective marketing strategy. And if SEO isn’t an integral part of that strategy, it’s time to shift your approach. 

You may be wondering, “How can I improve local SEO near me?” Keep reading to learn how to choose the right local SEO agency!

Know Your Local SEO Goals

First, start by laying out your goals before you pursue a local SEO service. What is local SEO? Think of it as another key strategy that can help your business gain more visibility in local search engine results. 

If you’re trying to attract more business in the region as a brick-and-mortar store, local SEO is essential. You’ll want to do an audit of your current situation to inform your local SEO goals. Then look for keywords that are specific to your area that people might use to find you.

You might want to prioritize cleaning up meta descriptions or introducing more original content. And you may need to create localized landing pages. Ultimately, part of your strategy needs to be optimizing your website to introduce more localized keywords.

Let an agency know your target demographic and ideal customer. And let them know the actions you want these targeted customers to take. 

Be able to share your cost limitations, too. An agency will need to know how much you can spend to try to generate more visibility.

And be clear on how you want to interact with an agency. You may prefer video conferencing or in-person meetings for a free exchange of ideas and questions. On the other hand, emails offer a better paper trail and may be more convenient. 

Understand What an Agency Can Offer

When you’re considering a particular agency, ask them what they can offer. They should be ready and willing to list their services. Better yet, they should be willing to tailor their offerings to suit your specific needs. 

You want to see evidence that the agency’s employees maintain current SEO certifications. This will show that they are staying on top of changing standards and strategies. 

A good SEO agency will work with you to outline goals and create a timetable. They’ll conduct SEO audits and research the competition. And they should show you how they will monitor your site’s traffic. 

Since SEO is far from a static strategy, your agency also should show how they’ll stay on top of changing keywords. In addition, they should be looking at your site for broken links or other site issues that impact your traffic and results. 

Look at Data Tracking

Be wary of SEO agencies that aren’t big on data. If you implement an SEO strategy, after all, you want to know if it’s working. And data tracking is a must.

A good agency will be able to tell you how they track data, and what data they track. For instance, they might look at conversions from organic traffic, bounce rate, and your local search ranking. They also should monitor keyword ranking, referral traffic, and even page load time. 

Further, they should be able to provide you with monthly or quarterly reports. These reports could shed light on whether keyword rankings and traffic have gone up. They also can cover your conversion rate, clicks, and traffic. 

A good local SEO agency also will be proactive about asking you for useful internal performance data. For instance, you may have spreadsheets that you’ll already put together to monitor current strategies and performance. These can assist your agency as they try to tailor a local SEO plan that meets your needs. 

Watch for Lofty Guarantees

Even though it’s tempting to go with an agency that guarantees results, don’t do it. Be wary of agencies that can promise you a specific number of leads. They’re trying to offer something that just isn’t possible.

Additionally, an SEO agency that volunteers its results of revenue boosts might be exaggerating the truth. A revenue number might sound impressive when you read it on their website. But you have no guarantee that the number actually is accurate. 

Further, agencies that rely on automation software probably won’t offer the customization you need. This suggests that you’ll get a generic strategy from the agency. And that won’t provide enough positive change given the investment. 

Read Reviews for Each Local SEO Service

No local SEO guide is complete without mentioning the importance of reading reviews before committing to an agency. While you can find reviews and testimonials on most agency websites, you might be better off looking at search engine reviews.

These can provide a less biased perspective. Look for red flags that more than one customer notes in a review. For instance, maybe an agency is slow to communicate or overpromises on timelines. 

You also can ask an agency for referrals. These would be recent customers who are willing to share their experiences with you. Ask to speak with a similar type or size of business to get the most accurate and useful perspective. 

Find the Right Agency for Local SEO Near Me

When you’re searching for local SEO near me, you want to land on the best agency. Map out your goals and ask the agency how they can help you achieve them. Read online reviews for any agency you’re considering, and ask about data tracking efforts. 

For more local SEO tips, check back soon to find fresh and informative articles!


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