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Lil Bit Lyrics

Lil Bit Lyrics

If you want to learn the lyrics to Lil Bit’s “Just a Lil Bit”, you’ve come to the right place. Lil Bit lyrics can be quite challenging to learn, but you can find them in the following article. Here, we’ll go over the meanings behind each song’s lyrics and what you can do with them. As always, the lyrics are provided for educational purposes only, and LyricsRoll assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of these lyrics.

Just a Lil Bit

Just a Lil Bit lyrics by 50 Cent. This song was released in 2005 and is the third single from his second album. It was produced by Scott Storch and debuted at number three on the United States chart. It reached number 10 in the United Kingdom. It is 50 Cent’s sixth top ten solo single. This song is a live recording. You can learn all about the song by reading the lyrics below.

We Gonna Have Some Fun

In “Predator,” Bill Duke’s character Sergeant Mac is famously heard saying, “We Gonna Have Some Fun tonight.” He is chasing an alien and looking for his commando team. While hunting for the alien, Mac recited the line in a frenzied manner. This song is an 80s classic, and is the perfect example of the way the 80s were meant to be. It’s an empowering and inspiring song that’s sure to make anyone feel good.

Just a Little Bit

Just a Little Bit is a song that was recorded by 50 Cent. It was released on Jan. 23, 2019. The song was written and produced by 50 Cent. It is a pop song that features the voice of 50 Cent. The lyrics were written by the artist himself. However, this song is a catchy one. If you like to listen to it on repeat, you’ll want to check out the video for it.


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