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How To Uninstall a Game on PS4

The Playstation 4, particularly a first-generation Ps, does not have the biggest hard drive. Most of the first PS4 versions only have 500GB hard drives, and the operating system takes up some of that space. You’ll need to learn how to uninstall a game on PS4 to make room for new titles as game sizes become larger (looking at you, Call of Duty: Warzone).

The excellent thing is that you can uninstall games from the PlayStation in a variety of ways that require very little time. How to get rid of memory clutter if you have a new game you literally can not wait to enjoy but don’t have the hard disc capacity to do so.

A simple way how to uninstall a game on PS4?

The most basic method of deleting a game is through the menu page. Once you’ve joined into your PlayStation 4 account and started it up, go thru your home screen until you find the game you would like to uninstall.

  1. Choose the game on your PlayStation 4 controller and click the Options button.
  2. Choose Delete.
  3. According to the warning page, the application will be removed; however, it can be re-downloaded via your Library. Choose OK.
  4. The game will be erased from your hard drive in a few moments.

That’s entirely the point. Depending on size, you may also need to restart your PlayStation 4 to properly uninstall the game. This is the simplest way to remove a game from your hard drive, but it’s usually reserved for games that you play commonly enough to warrant a spot on your home screen. You can remove a game from the Library if you must get rid of one that you don’t play very often.

How to Remove a Game From Your PlayStation 4 Library

Even if the game isn’t downloaded on your PS4, it will show in your Library. It’s a quick way to see what’s going on with your system.

  1. Swipe to the right on the main menu and pick Start. To the right of the symbol, it will say Library.
  1. Scroll down to the Games tab, which is located under the This PS4 header. It will display all of the currently installed games on your PlayStation.
  1. Pick the game you wish to remove from the list with your PS4 controller’s Options button, then choose Delete.
  1. A verification screen will appear, inquiring if you’re sure. Choose OK.

The game will be uninstalled from your PlayStation 4 once you click OK. It’s a simple procedure to use when you need to clear some space.

How to uninstall a Game on ps4 from the System Storage

Sometimes you haven’t used your PlayStation in a long time and are looking to get back into it. You may not have a certain game in mind to get rid of, but you simply need to clear up as much space as possible. System memory can reveal which apps consume the most resources.

  1. Select Settings first from the menu bar by scrolling up and over.
  2. Click Storage from the drop-down menu.
  3. System Storage should be selected. You may also pick an external disc to see a breakdown of game sizes if you have one connected.
  4. Choose your applications.
  5. This will show you a list of all the games and apps downloaded on your PlayStation 4. To see them arranged from largest to smallest, go to Options > Sort by > Size.
  6. To uninstall a game, go to Options > Delete and choose the game you wish to remove.
  7. At any one time, you can choose one or even more games. Select Remove after you’ve selected the games you want to remove.
  8. A warning message will show on the screen. Choose OK.


In this article, we have shared the most efficient way how to uninstall a game on ps4 easily at one time. If you frequently download a large number of free games in order to try them out, you may also require to do some cleaning to keep your hard drive free of junk.

On the PlayStation 4, uninstalling and deleting games are the same thing. You can delete a game from your hard disc and then reinstall it if you want to play it again. If you have the license to play the game (so it’s still available for free download on the PlayStation store), there’s no real danger in deleting it.

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