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How to talk to your grown daughter about her weight?

How to talk to your grown daughter about her weight?

A commonly asked question that is tough for a father to ask. These conversations are the toughest and most memorable because they are conflicted. Because the relationship between parents and daughter is deep, take care not to spoil it. However, you should not criticize your daughter’s weight as it may decrease self-confidence, which will make her disappointed; however, your intentions will make her healthier. This will affect your daughter both mentally and physically, according to research.

But when it comes to health, you cannot keep yourself quiet.

Therefore, we have explained How to talk to your grown daughter about her weight without destroying the relationship between you and your daughter.

Knowing the matter

Weight doesn’t mean your daughter is healthy, and being slim doesn’t mean she is healthy. Therefore, try to make her understand that if you don’t lose weight, you will probably feel difficulty walking or running.

Consult any physician who can make your daughter agree with your discussed issue. Because this way, she will understand the importance of losing weight without ruining the relationship.

Motivate her rather than give advice

We suggest that every parent avoid giving advice or suggestions to your daughter; however, try to motivate her to reduce her weight. First, tell her about being overweight and find the solution; she will then try to do better.

Discuss body functionality, not weight

It would be a better idea to tell your daughter what your body can do if you use it properly. Tell her to go to the gym, do yoga, swim, or motivate her to start other physical activities. Furthermore, ask your daughter what she wants to do with her body in the future.

Also, to tell her about the unseen functions of the body in this way, she will be active and indirectly lose her weight by exercising.

Don’t, statement

Then, don’t statement, clarifies your position on a topic but does not interfere in her life activities. For instance, tell your daughter, “I would like to hear your perspective on the serious issue of being overweight; however, my aim is not to tell you what you should do as it is your wish”.

Do statements

This is a clear-cut intent in which parents ask, “What is your wish about the problem? I will respect your wish”.

Let your daughter know the issue perfectly

Tell your daughter about the weight issue by having a consistent relationship if you want to educate your daughter about the issue. Also, ask what is working and what isn’t. After it is done, let her speak and respond to the situation without interfering. This method can help you talk to your daughter effectively.

Know her interests also

A common mistake we often make is we directly warn our daughter about the harmful causes of being overweight.

How to understand? Take one example.

Parents; Do exercise; otherwise, you will get unhealthy; begin exercising regularly, eat less; if not, it will have a long-lasting impact on your health in the future.

Daughter; Mom and Dad, No, I am feeling comfortable, and also due to busy school schedules, I don’t have time to manage exercise and study. So leave me in my current situation.

Therefore, it will negatively impact your relationship because she wants something else, and you force her to the other side.

Change the environment of your home

Rather than telling your children to eat healthy things, go to the gym, take proper sleep, avoid junk food, this and that. Change the environment of your home to always consume healthy fruits and vegetables regularly. Don’t buy fatty, sugary, or salty foods, and with these, also move your TV to a worse place at your home that your children won’t want to go to.


Talking to your grown daughter about her weight is a problem many parents are concerned about. Above in this article, we have discussed some perfect methods that will make your daughter feel happy and healthy.

Overall, do force her, avoid using useless things at home by changing the environment.

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