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How to remove magnetic eyeliner?

How to remove magnetic eyeliner

Magnetic eyeliner is turning out to be better known now than the typical fake eyeliner. Clearly everybody needs to have thicker, longer, and stunning eyeliner in any event, when they’re at home. This attractive eyeliner gives you those ideal, regular looking eyeliner. Simultaneously they are extremely simple to utilize. Also the magnetic eyeliner is really pleasant to apply. Magnets from your magnetic eyeliner don’t create any sort of disturbance and harm in your eyes.

Magnetic eyeliner might sound super advanced, yet in all actuality, it’s basic. Its magnetic properties are due to Iron oxide.

Iron oxide is found in other cosmetics things you likely as of now utilize like lipstick and bronzer. Iron oxide likewise gives the eyeliner its tone –  bonus.

Notwithstanding the iron oxide, magnetic eyeliners additionally contain a mix of vitamin E to sustain your skin, to condition and ensure your skin to be a good one. Castor oil controls consistency and assists the eyeliner with coasting on flawlessly without clustering.

Complete Guidance how to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner:

At the point when you remove your Magnetic Eyeliner, you need to ensure that you take great consideration of them later. Simply you remove them appropriately and deal with them so that they’ll endure longer.

Steps to remove eyeliner:

Removing magnetic eyeliner is the same as removing any normal eyeliner. It works in a similar way as cosmetics remover works to remove the makeup.

The entire step to remove the magnetic eyeliner is present in this article. After following them, all these steps you can easily remove the magnetic eyeliner.

Step 1:

First of all you need to soak the liner with a cotton cushion.

Step 2:

After doing this, gently without scouring or applying a lot of force try to wipe it.

Again, don’t apply too much force. It can affect your eyes.


You can also use coconut oil or olive oil to remove it. As coconut oil or olive oil make the surface of your eyes soft. After applying this, it’s easy to remove magnetic eyeliner.

 Remove the Excess amount of Eyeliner:

After the removal of your magnetic eyelashes some eyeliner might in any case be left on them. You need to ensure you eliminate it totally. To accomplish this, hold the attractive eyelashes between your thumb and index finger. Then, at that point, utilizing tweezers remove the eyeliner buildup from the strip and the magnets. Once more, be extra cautious during this progression to try not to harm the lashes.

Need to Remember:

After the utilization, try to clean the magnets on your magnetic lashes. Because if there is an excess amount of liner remains adhered to them they won’t stick and it will become useless as it will not attach again.

Is magnetic eyeliner is safe to use:

Magnetic eyeliner is intended to supplement magnetic eyelashes by assisting them with remaining set up. These liners arrive in a fluid structure that is viewed as commonly safe generally.

The key is to ensure, like with conventional liners, that you displace the product after every 3 months to prevent it from microorganism’s development in the bottles.

 Side effects of magnetic eyeliner:

Magnetic eyeliner is marked as protected, yet there’s as yet a danger for its potential side effects.

 It’s essential that:

  • Apply the liner at the lash line so the item doesn’t get in your eye or square the oil organs in your eyelid.
  • Try not to utilize it while in a moving vehicle with the goal that you don’t incidentally jab your eye.

While not very much recorded in clinical investigations, there is also a chance to get allergic reactions to any beauty care products. Also there is a chance to get an infection when these cosmetic products come in contact with your eyes with messy hands during the application or expulsion process. Discontinue the utilization of these products if you get an infection or rash surrounding the eyes area.


In this article, we have shared about how to remove magnetic eyeliner. Also, mentioned the best ways to remove the magnetic eyeliner. We hope you will get your points.

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