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How to Merge Two Photos On An IPhone

Many iPhone users have the same problem of merging two photos on an iPhone mobile. So the iPhones from Apple are famously known for their camera quality. They directly go to your iOS smartphone’s Photos App when you take photos. However, many users get worried about how to merge two photos on an iPhone, which is quite simple with iPhone devices because Apple has made the stitching of two images into one easy and free of charge.

Due to advancements in technology, it is now straightforward to merge two photos since many ways have made it possible for users.

Keep reading this article to find out some possible and most accessible ways of combining the photos to make it a single one.

These are some methods that we will explain each one by one below in this article;

  1. Layout method.
  2. Pic bend overlay app.
  3. Photoshop Express for editing.
  4. Shortcuts app.

How to merge two photos on an iPhone (all methods)

1. Layout app

Are you worried about How to merge two photos on an iPhone? Don’t be panicked, and also, you don’t need any specific photo editing skills if you have a Layout app? This App provides you with numerous ways and collections to choose to put images side-to-side.

Follow these steps;

  1. Go to the App store on your iPhone device, there select the Layout App.
  2. Now tap the Get button and start installing it.
  3. After the installation is finished, open the App.
  4. On the main interface of the App, select the photos you want to merge.
  5. After selecting photos, you will see some layouts.
  6. Choose any design on which you want to put the images to combine them into one.
  7. There are some editing tools for removing the background and adding other colors to your photo.
  8. After doing all the things, tap the save option, your image will be saved to the Photos App.

2. Pic bend overlay app

With the Pic bend overlay application, you can merge two photos on an iPhone smartphone and edit them according to your preferences. You can edit the background of the selected images, and also, the users can remove the parts they don’t want in their merged photos.

However, this application is not free, and you have to pay almost 1,99 Euros per month.

Make sure to know about these charges before installing them on your device.

3. Photoshop express for editing

It is a free photo editing app where the users will be able to merge more than one photo into a single image.

Following are steps to follow;

  1. Open the App Store on your mobile.
  2. Then search the Photoshop express for editing, tap the Get button, and start the installation.
  3. After the installation is completed, launch the photo editing application.
  4. Now select the photos that you wish to stitch into one.
  5. But make sure the images should be of the same size and dimensions to avoid any blurry appearance.
  6. Select any Collage provided by Photoshop express for editing.

Overall, it depends upon your desire and wishes and what kind of further editing you want to do on your photo that you have merged.

4. Shortcuts App

It is a well-known app for photo editing enthusiasts on iPhone mobiles. It is pretty effortless to use the Shortcuts app.

What to do;

  1. Install the Shortcuts App from Appstore.
  2. Click the + tab from the application.
  3. Now add the scripts and search for photos you want to combine into one.
  4. Select a second script that will enable you to add pictures side-to-side.
  5. You can add the spacing between the images according to your wish.


How to merge two photos on an iPhone? Many users frequently ask it because merging two images into one is not supported by Apple’s default iPhoto application. Therefore, you should look for other ways to make yourself able to stitch pictures. You can find applications free of cost as well as there are paid apps. Install the App depending upon what you need to do. Overall, it is possible to add photos to make it a single shot by editing them.

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