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How to Get Your Kids Interested in Programming

With how dependent we have become on technology and how useful it has become in our lives, it is not a stretch to say that we will need more programmers in the future. It is not a surprise, therefore, that many parents want their kids to start learning how to code as early as possible. Over 90% of parents surveyed in a study carried out by CodaKid said that they want programming to be integrated into school curriculums. As that happens, what can you do to get your kids interested in and excited about coding?

Combine It with What They Already Love

Almost every kid has something they are interested in. You can use these interests to get them excited about coding. For example, some toys are meant to teach STEM and the basics of coding to kids who love toys.

They are encouraged to build these toys from the ground up so they can learn how to break problems down into smaller problems and then solve each problem while working towards solving the bigger challenge.

Robots, LEGO, drawing and painting, as well as mobile and video games, can all become essential tools for introducing your kids to coding.

Sign Them Up for After-School Coding Programs

With the increasing popularity of programming among kids, there are lots of institutions partnering with major universities and colleges to put together coding curriculums for kids.

These are after-school programs that are meant to introduce kids to programming, taking them from the fundamentals of programming to advanced concepts for their level.

If you want your kids to benefit the most from these programs, you need to ensure they are set up correctly. After all, it is challenging enough for adults to find great programming resources, so it might be doubly challenging to find any that are a great fit for your kids.

Schools that are serious about ensuring the success of your children in this area will have invested in the best desktop computers for schools that can handle programming at a basic level, as well as competent tutors and additional material, online or otherwise, that kids can reference in their own time.


At a certain age, your kids will want their independence. However, most of them still want their parents with them as they explore new areas and have new experiences. Learning alongside them makes learning to code seem less daunting and less intimidating since they trust you and your guidance.

If they are hesitant about learning to code, learn with them. For parents who do not already know how to code, this is a chance to gain valuable skills that can be used to pivot into a new or second career.

Make it Social

Learning socially helps keep kids on track as they will not want to be left behind as their group of friends moves forward. There are plenty of online platforms that turn coding into a social activity — you just have to find them.

Coding or programming is a valuable skill that will be in high demand in the future. Even when your kids decide later on that they do not want to work with code and computers, the other skills they will have gained by learning to code will come in handy in many other areas.


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