In the past few years, many famous social apps have been introduced in the world. They are greatly used among internet consumers. For example, Instagram, Snap Chat, and TikTok. Many of them used these apps for their content creation. However, within a few months, TikTok has become the most popular social app in the world.

TikTok account users make videos of their interests like comedy, dancing singing, and acting. There is no age limit. Even at the age of 60 they also use TikTok and make videos. But nowadays TikTok has introduced additional privacy. It is because some children of ages under 13 years, sometimes use the app to create mature content. There might be more reasons for TikTok to ban an account. For example, the violation of community guidelines and terms and conditions to use the app, if not followed properly lead to banning. 

Why Did TikTok Ban Your Account?

TikTok has been active in suspending users’ accounts in recent months. Whereas the reasons for account bans fluctuate by case, many users have become disappointed as a result of this unexpected activity. Moreover, if a user has 100-200 followers, he or she will be unconcerned about the ban. However, someone who has been creating content daily and has amassed a large TikTok following is likely to be disappointed by the ban.

TikTok began banning accounts after paying a $6 million agreement fee to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). TikTok has charged this agreement fee for having violated the Online Privacy Protection for Children Act.

Previously, anybody could sign up on Tiktok and begin posting their content. However, following the FTC settlement, Tiktok was compelled to block all users under the age of 13. While protecting children’s privacy online is a positive thing, many users had their accounts banned, even if they were older than the required age. Some other possible reason that TikTok could ban an account is if the user posts aggressive content on the site.

TikTok has rules about what kind of content you can post. If you do not follow these rules, it will most likely permanently ban your account. In this case, the opportunities of recovering the account are also reduced slightly.

How Can You Get a Banned Account Back?

There are many different ways to recover the account so some major steps to unban a TikTok account are as follows.

  • Contact customer service at TikTok

If the account is temporarily banned then the user can contact the customer service of the app. They might email them as well. Their account will most probably be recovered after 24 to 48 hours recovering.

But in case the user’s account was permanently banned, he can follow some other steps.

  • Firstly users have to go to their profile on TikTok
  • Then users have to click the privacy and setting option. It is usually used for the privacy of their account because sometimes it may not be banned but hacked. The user should check his privacy settings.
  • If users are done with the privacy option and do not find the cause of the issue, they should just click the report a problem option.
  • The last step is to email TikTok on their official id and send the issue so they will solve your account issue.

How Can You Request Via Email To TikTok?

This is the major option that helps users to unban their accounts. All they do is write an appeal to unban their account. TikTok often mistakenly bans an account. Sometimes, when the content is inappropriate, they ban users’ accounts because their content violates others. Users can email these ids.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]     

[email protected]

Proof of Your Age or ID

This is the most important step that every user should follow. They can prove their identity sometimes because people use fake accounts or ids. Often, children who are below the age of 14 use TikTok and make inappropriate content and post it on their ids. Therefore, this step is important to verify their account.


If you try all other means, yet fail to get your account unbanned, there is one last way to still enjoy TikTok. It is to use VPN. It is used by customers to be able to avail of any app anywhere in the world without having to expose their identity. VPN makes it easier for everyone to use the internet and enjoy it with the least security concerns. Hence, even when your account is banned, you can use VPN to enjoy videos on TikTok.


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