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How To Design A Postcard That Sells

Postcard marketing potentially increases the number of repeat clients, boosts your sales, and improves your brand awareness. Develop a robust design and solid strategy to maximize the marketing potential and keep the listed tips in mind.

Stay True To Your Brand

Get your branding guidelines in order before embarking on the marketing initiative. Choose colors, logos, font, and voice representing the company, and select authentic images and words for your brand.

Consistency is key to establishing trust, shaping perceptions, building brand awareness, and maximizing impact. Apply all the branding elements across various offline and online marketing initiatives to make each touchpoint familiar to your prospect or client.

Personalize Your Space

Using clients’ names on the postcard helps increase engagement, and savvy marketers are aware of that. Postcard marketing offers the ability for one on one personalization, and brands are advised to automatically use the recipient’s full name in the address box rather than using current resident details. Engage with your clients more by using merged fields to greet clients by their first name in the message you compose on the card.

Stand Out

With overloaded email inboxes, you ought to be creative to get the client to read your subject line. A laminated mailer gives business owners the freedom to be creative by placing the marketing message directly in their hands. Integrate personalization with striking and bold designs to engage with the clients to leave a lasting impression, and consider selecting oversized cards to stand out further.

Keep It Simple

Recipients’ attention spans are usually short, requiring brands to establish a simple yet effective advertising model. Clutter your postcards with texts and images to make it easy for recipients to view your main message. Consider cutting out unnecessary words and develop a layout that makes it easy to process with ease at a glance.

Do Not Forget Your Contact Information

It may seem obvious and straightforward, which makes it easy to forget. Suppose you want the postcard recipients to call your company or visit your website. In that case, you may consider including your phone number, website URL, and any other relevant information they require to reach you.

Have A Clear Call To Action

The main goal of designing your postcard or any marketing piece is to attract prospective clients. Your call to action should be specific and prominent to ensure the client knows what to do next. A clear call to action motivates clients to take the intended steps.

Determine whether or not the postcard marketing is suitable for business goals before diving into the campaign. Establish whether the prospects and customers will be served well by direct mail.

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