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How to change game settings in among us

How to change game settings in among us

Despite the fact that Among Us was released a few years ago, it has grown increasing popularity in the last year, due in part to Twitch streamers. Participants from many areas of life were anxious to recreate the high-octane drama of this social adventure game.

When playing a game, though, the majority of players stick to the default settings.

The default settings aren’t horrible, but if you really want to play a more difficult game or make it easier for new members of your Team, you’ll need to alter them a little.

Continue reading to learn more about how to change game settings in among Us, particularly where to discover them and which components each setting affects.

A complete guide on how to change game settings in among us

You’ve probably previously seen the same menu if you’ve made an effort to modify your avatar. The majority of players, on the other hand, never go far beyond the apparent cosmetic alterations. You can make a number of little changes to the game to make it as hard or as easy as you want.

How to Get to the Options Menu

It’s easy to find your way to the Settings menu. If you need a reminder or if this is your initial time accessing the settings menu, follow the instructions below.

  1. First, you should launch the game.
  1. Organize a game, whether online or offline. Unless you’re the host, you can only alter the game parameters.
  1. Whether you want to host a game locally or online determines the next screen. If you choose to host a local game, you’ll be dragged away to the lobby of your private room right away. If you’re playing an online game, on the other hand, you’ll see a basic settings menu. To go to your lobby, select any options and click the “Confirm” button.
  2. Look it around the ship’s lobby for the pc once you’ve entered. You’ll notice a “Customize” icon shown in the lower-right area of the screen once you’re within contact. To enter the customization menu, click or touch this button.
  1. The first four tabs should be relevant if you’ve previously modified your avatar. These options allow you to change the color, hat, pet, and skin of your character. It’s the last tab, the “Game” tab, that you’re looking for.  You can easily click or tap to access the game’s personalization settings.
  1. Modify the game settings almost as or as much as you wish, then leave the menu to see the changes.
  1. Begin the game.

Looking at the Game’s Options

It’s a smart option to have a comprehensive understanding of what each game option performs before you start messing with it. Here’s also mentioned the breakdown of the various game that have customization options available in the menu:

●    Imagination (Crewmate, Imposter)

The settings for “Crewmate Vision” and “Imposter Vision” determine how much each can see out of the ship or map. Imposters have a somewhat bigger field than Crewmates by default. However, this can be changed using these options.

●    Cooldown/Kill Distance

Would you like your Imposters to contact your Crewmates and kill them? How long would you like the Imposters to delay before committing their next assassination attempt? To make the game more engaging, these parameters determine the kill distance as well as the cooldown period between kills.

●    Tasks Performed (Short, Long, Common)

This is a rather self-explanatory option. You can customize the amount of common, short, and long missions per game, allowing Imposters to destroy or ruin equipment for longer or shorter periods of time.

●    Visual Exercises

Players can observe someone complete a task by turning on or off “Visual Tasks.” This may be toggled “on” by crewmates to confirm that specific player are not Pretenders.

●    Player Speed

A self-explanatory option, well, this determines how fast each player moves around the map. Note that while setting a rapid player speed helps the Crew to even get to the sabotage faster, it also enables Imposters to run around at the same speed.


In this article, we have shared how to change game settings in among us. Also, it mentioned an overview of games options where you can easily customize your setting. Hope this article will be useful to you.

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