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How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game

Mind games can sometimes be a really fun way to grab the attention of an Aquarius man. You can determine how he exactly feels & whether he is playing you smartly by looking at his traditional personality traits. But here the question arises “How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game”.

Well, once you have figured out clearly how to read the mind of Aquarius, you will be able to beat him at his game. If you want to know more about How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game, just keep reading;

How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game – A Complete Overview

#1. Do Not Be Scared to Speak Up

Aquarians have a tendency to seem chilly and aloof because of their ethereal temperaments. There is a danger with this combination. Don’t be scared off by a man who’s an Aquarius. More than being stunning, he loves a lady who will not be hesitant to call him out on his mistakes.

Do not be a wallflower if you have feelings for an Aquarius or if you just want to annoy him. Show him that you’re not frightened of him and that you’re willing to take a position against him if the situation calls for it!

#2. Have a Clear Debate

Water bearers take great pleasure in playing the devil’s advocate. Even if he doesn’t agree with it, he’ll take it up for discussion. This is an indication that your Aquarius man is testing you, and it’s not something you want to be involved in. When he’s kidding around, he wants to test whether you can keep your cool.

He doesn’t fight because he loves it; he simply doesn’t believe anything anybody says, not even an expert. He must first do his own investigation and weigh the evidence before he can believe it.

#3. Astonish Him

Because Aquarians are so open-minded and good at reading people, it takes a lot to catch them off guard. Stunned him is one way to mess with his mind. If you really want to catch him off guard, try surprising him with a kiss when you’re delayed at a red light in the vehicle.

If you want to offer him an unexpected surprise, kiss someone else in front of him (if you’re not in a committed relationship, of course). Make a big romantic gesture for him if you want to wow him and show him you’re interested in him.

#4. Outsmart Him

As Aquarians are very clever and value information, if you can outwit him, you’ll definitely wow him. Whenever he speaks about anything he’s interested in, show him how well-versed you are in the subject matter. The higher your topic expertise, the more surprising and strange it is.

You don’t need to have the same interest as an Aquarius to outwit them. Consider engaging him in conversation so as to put your knowledge to the test.

For him, the discussion will be more of a cerebral struggle than a physical one, so bring your best arguments. If he continues coming back to chat with you, you know he’s in love with you.

#5. Use sarcasm

Aquarians aren’t scared to be funny or goofy since they have a unique sense of humor and aren’t frightened of being themselves. As long as she has the ability to lighten the mood, they’ll be happy to have her around.

Despite their proclivity for sarcasm, Aquarians may find it difficult to discern it when spoken by someone else. In order to confuse him, use just the right amount of sarcasm to keep him from knowing whether you’re serious or not.

This article summarized all about How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game. Now, you can easily follow the above tips and tricks on How To Beat An Aquarius Man At His Own Game for the desired outcomes.

Good luck, guys!

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