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“How Can We Get Rid of Hanging Belly After C-Section?”

Get Rid of Hanging Belly After C-Section

If you’re reading this, you possibly have non-public enjoyment with a C-section. Whether it turned into you, a friend or a family member who persisted the procedure, you’re conscious that a caesarean phase, more usually known as a C-phase, is the surgical transport of a baby. And you want to get rid of the hanging belly after C-section. So keep reading this article.

In this manner, a horizontal cut is made through the mom’s abdomen and uterus to soundly supply the baby. Most of the time, C-sections are done because of medical motives.

5 essential methods to get rid of hanging belly after C-section:

Method -1


Nursing moms should not be following strict diets that reduce our whole meals agencies; however you may adequately shed pounds whilst breastfeeding.

When a woman breastfeeds, her womb will pull away right down to regular speed faster than if she had been feeding her baby method.

The uterus shrinks extra quickly in nursing moms due to the fact breastfeeding releases oxytocin, the hormone answerable for causing contractions. Oxytocin helps the uterus to settle and get backtrack to its normal length down within the pelvis. In this way you can get rid of hanging belly after C-section.

Method -2

Wear a belly band:

Compared to vaginal shipping, a C-section requires shedding several layers of tissue and muscle. Belly binding in such instances is a beneficial tool for the duration of the recovery period to assist in getting rid of a stomach after c section. Belly binding includes tying a muslin cloth that seems like a bandage. This band, when wrapped around tightly, helps and continues your abdomen in vicinity. It also guarantees that your incision heals completely and is a beneficial way to get rid of hanging belly after C-section. Although previous generations used simple portions of muslin material, today, stomach binding materials variety from traditional cloth lengths to postpartum girdles.

Method -3

Enough Sleeping

Minimum 6 hours of sleep will assist immensely to get rid of hanging belly after a C section. New mothers can discover it tough to preserve the everyday sleep time table because of their newborn infant. Try to get sleep whilst your child sleeps; this may additionally improve your emotional health.Sufficient sleep not only helps you to lose weight but also gives you good health.

Method -4

Hydrate Yourself:

Not only do breastfeeding moms want extra water to make milk, but drinking sufficient water and consuming sufficient fruits and greens with a high-water content may also assist you shed pounds.

Water fills up your stomach so that you are less likely to mindlessly snack when you aren’t hungry.  It will help to get rid of the hanging belly after the C section.

Method -5

Take Exercise:

When starting an exercise regime after a C-section, it is important you’re given the inexperienced mild via your doctor first. Exercising too quickly after surgery can cause complications and bring about greater harm than accurately.

Once you’ve been given the cross-ahead, you could start performing some physical games to tighten up your tummy muscle tissues and reduce the scale of your belly overhang.

Remember to take it gradually, you will be capable of doing away with your mommy tummy in time, don’t rush the process as you could possibly injure yourself.

If you need to lose weight to help shed any fat for your stomach overhang, you want to be burning energy. Long walks are a good method to lose calories.


There are some approaches to get back into shape and decrease belly fats after c section. However, don’t neglect initially gentle sports and then gradually move directly to high-effect workouts.

You might also put on a compression belt or a garment over your C-section scar to avoid putting strain and hurting it.

Your body has to heal and calls for nourishment, so take masses of rest and do not exert yourself too much. If you are looking for how to get rid of a hanging belly after C- section. So keep reading this article.

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