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How to Accept a Friend Request on Minecraft Mobile

Minecraft’s popularity continues to rise to new heights. One reason for this is the game’s addictive and useful multiplayer mode. Minecraft has all of the characteristics of a great multiplayer game. It comes in two flavors: JavaScript and Bedrock Edition. Cross-platform play is only feasible on specific devices when using the JavaScript version. Sign in with their Microsoft account, start a new world (or load an existing one), and access the in-game menu. They’ll see a “Invite to Game” option. When users tap or click on that option, another window will appear. On the next pop-up window, select “Find Cross-Platform Friends.” Add their friends, and they will join the game once they accept their invitation.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a three-dimensional video game in which players build and destroy various types of blocks. Survival and Creative are the game’s two main modes. Players in Survival must gather their building materials and food. They also interact with moving creatures and block like mobs. (Among the dangerous ones are creepers and zombies.) Players in Creative are given equipment and do not need to eat to survive. The user can play by themselves or with others online. The Smartphone and tablet versions support multi-player via Wi-Fi networks.

Players can connect to thousands of mine craft online games (servers), some of which require them to compete with other players. Minecraft received widespread recognition, winning numerous awards and being named one of the greatest video games of all time. Social media, memes, adaptations, products, and the annual Minecon conventions all played important roles in the game’s popularity. The game has also been used to teach chemistry, computer-aided design, and computer science in educational settings. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for Mojang and the Mine craft intellectual property in 2014. Minecraft: Story Mode, my craft Dungeons, Mine craft Earth, and the forthcoming Mine craft Legends are all spin-offs.

Who to Add Friends on Mine Craft Mobile

Users and their friends must be in the same area/vicinity to play Mine craft Pocket Edition together, as this only works locally.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings,’ and turn on local server multiplayer.
  • Start the game and log in with their Microsoft account.
  • Make a new world and then return to the menu.
  • Choose a friend and invite them to join you in Mine craft.

How to Accept the Friend Request

To accept a friend request in Mine craft, follow these steps:

  • In Mine craft, go to the home menu and select the friend list.
  • Then the user will see a message that says, ‘he received a friend request.’ Click on this message.
  • Tapping on the message will bring up a list of all the friend requests that have been sent to them.
  • Select the friend request that the user wants to accept.
  • And there they have it, the friend request has been accepted

Remember that if users have a different version of mine craft than their friends, users will be unable to play with them. Similarly, some platforms may be edition-specific as well. Minecraft’s JavaScript edition is not available for consoles, so users can’t play with friends. Once they have added their friends, they can play with them in the Bedrock Edition without having to worry about which systems they play on.

If users are playing this game on pc they must follow the instructions.

  • Make sure users already have a Microsoft account.
  • If users don’t already have a Microsoft account, they can sign up for one for free on their official website.
  • They’ll need it to play with their friends, and users won’t be able to add them otherwise.
  • After creating an account on Microsoft’s official website, launch the game and select “Sign In with a Microsoft Account.”
  • Follow the instructions provided. Someone’s game should now be linked to their Microsoft account.
  • Make a new world (or use an existing one) and wait for it to load.
  • When they’re in the game, pause it and go to the settings menu.
  • On the left, the user will see a grey list of options, and on the right, they’ll see the option “Invite to Game.” Simply click on it.
  • When users do this, a smaller window will appear with the option “Find Cross-platform Friends” in green in the bottom left corner. Simply click on it.
  • Attempt to locate their friends by using their gamer tag. Users can also look for them by entering their Mine craft ID.
  • When they’ve found their friend, click “Add Friend” and then “Send 1 Invite.”

So these are the basic requirements that every user follows. And they will accept the friend request and add friends to game.


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