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Can Doordash Pick Up Multiple Orders?

Doordash is an American-based online food ordering company with its headquarter in California, and it has a market share of around 56%, the largest in the USA. You can order food and drinks from Doordash, but they do it through freelance workers who bring food from single restaurants and various restaurants.

But, many people get confused and ask, Can doordash pick up multiple orders? This question is YES; Doordash allows customers to pick up multiple orders. But Doordash gives only one item to its drivers at a time, so for multiple orders, they use different orders for delivering the food to the customers.

Method of multiple orders

Doordash has proposed a new method, double cash, that allows users to order things from many restaurants without any additional fee or charges. There are various methods through which multiple orders are placed. One of the methods is that different people place different orders at the same place. For instance, when people live just near each other when they place an order, the drivers of Doordash will accept the order and give it to all people. But the person near the ordered place will get the order first and the others later. Sometimes the situation could be like that for multiple orders when a single person places an order from more than one location.

Furthermore, the restaurant’s location also matters a lot because the Doordash drivers will pick up items from restaurants close to one another; however, some restaurants don’t use this system.

Types of orders that can be stacked

The addition of new items and the removal of old items is the stacking of orders. People order many types of things, such as groceries, foods, accessories, and much more; however, these all can be stacked. Among them the most important one is groceries. Because many people order different grocery items. However, the second item is food that can be stacked easily because multiple orders from different locations are made within a town or an area.

The function of double dash and how does it work?

Double dash is a new functionality unveiled by Door Cash that enables the users to order things from multiple restaurants within one order, however luckily without any additional charges. So it is a perfect method that customers should consider, especially those who want different things, by placing a single order.

Below we will explain how the double dash works.

  1. Firstly open the Doordash app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the restaurants from the map on the doordash.
  3. After choosing any restaurant or shop, go to the shop store on the doordash and select multiple items.
  4. Now place an order, so they will tell you when you can get the items.

Is it good when a driver accepts multiple orders?

It may be good for some reason; however it can also be bad. I will explain both. It is not good because accepting multiple orders will not save time for other orders. Also, the items the driver wants to deliver to others will get cold. However, on the other hand, it is good because a single driver with different ordered items may save time.

But, many customers do not find it a good idea to accept more than one order at a time since each customer has to wait for their turn.

Is doordash safe for delivery drivers?

Apart from the question, can doordash pick up multiple orders? We should also be aware that it is safe for riders or not.

Yes, it is extremely safe because you won’t have any passengers inside your vehicle, saving you from being hijacked or tortured by anyone. That is why it is considered a safe occupation without any fear.


After reading the article completely, we hope your question of can doordash pick up multiple orders has been answered without any doubt remaining. In short, yes, they can pick up different orders at a time.



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