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8 Tips to Throwing a Killer Office Christmas Party

Did you know that employees feel 11% more engaged after their office Christmas party?

Or you know what the value of a holiday gathering is. But, you aren’t sure how to throw a successful office Christmas party. It’s essential to nail it! Office Christmas parties are when people are likely to let their guard down.

These tips are helpful if you’re wondering how to throw a great office Christmas party.

Let’s look at how to throw fantastic office Christmas parties.

Office Christmas Party Time

People expect very different things. Hosting an office party on a Friday night differs from a Tuesday afternoon. Don’t encourage people to party until the wee hours of the morning on a weeknight. You cannot expect them to be at work at eight.

If you choose to let the drinks flow freely, do so responsibly. Offer ridesharing or driver services to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Additionally, consider offering on-site childcare if needed. So visitors won’t have to look for a babysitter or miss out. If you decide to hold your party during business hours, adjust the workload for your team.

Office Christmas Party Venue

Christmas party venues must have the ideal size and distinctiveness. Ensure that the space is suitable for your group size and activity.

In small venues, people may feel claustrophobic and want to leave the event more quickly. Large venues make people feel uncomfortable and discourage interaction.

You may intend to hold Christmas parties somewhere other than your workplace. Ensure the location is convenient for everyone, outside or inside your workplace. No one wants to go to a party far from their office or home.

Conduct some research beforehand. Make sure the location has a good reputation for hosting enjoyable events. When you’ve decided on a venue, reserve your time and date as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Christmas Party Decorations

A memorable party is remembered for having a great decorated space. Creating an all-encompassing experience for your guests is the aim of every event.

Decoration includes establishing a setting that energizes your guests and improves the event. Spend the money on lights, garlands, and possibly a Christmas tree.

Getting your staff into the holiday spirit is worthwhile. Get everyone involved in the decoration ideas, preparation, and installation.

Consider creating an indoor snowy wonderland if you live in a warm region. Replace harsh fluorescents with gleaming electric fireplaces and battery-operated candles.

Let the music play! The right music can make your event come to life.

Charity and Missions

Giving is the spirit of the holidays. Also, studies have shown that helping others makes people feel good. Encourage staff morale by giving them a simple task to do something worthwhile.

You can get into the true holiday spirit and make some beautiful memories with your team. Instead of loitering around with a glass in hand, it gives people something specific to do and talk about.

You can still incorporate some of the holiday spirit into your event. You can still decide to host a conventional party with food and beverages.

All the while, encourage people to donate canned goods or organize a Toys for Tots drive. Get together to help stock food bank shelves.

Encourage staff to bring a donation to the party, which you can then deliver to a charity on their behalf. It will boost employee morale. And, you’re also helping those who need it most at this time of year, which is even more critical.

Setup a Watch Party

Working remotely has many benefits. One of the main drawbacks is missing out on the office community. Some may miss out on the Christmas office party.

While working from home, nobody wants to hear about how much fun everyone had at the company party. So keep them in mind as you create your budget. Send a gift card for a nice dinner or a personalized gift.

Plan to have an online network setup for those who wish to join and watch the party from afar. Consider reserving an exceptional venue for those who are in separate cities.

All games and performances can be done via Zoom or Google Meet, so bring the party online!

Party Activities and Entertainment

Let’s say you want great memories from your office party. A schedule of entertainment and activities can be a great way to do that in that case.
For instance, it’s safe to say that no one wants to be in a crowded space without entertainment.

Excellent activities and entertainment come in all shapes and sizes. Start the fun by holding a game or a competition.
Your holiday party will quickly become more lively if there is friendly competition.

Some activity suggestions include a singing contest, a scavenger hunt, or a trivia game. Use questions or ideas about current events and the season.

Don’t Forget to Capture Precious Moments

With a fun photo booth, you can preserve memories and give your staff something to look back on.
A photo booth provides entertainment for your team. It can double as a party favor. Fill it with entertaining props and dress-up accessories.

We frequently forget to take photos with our coworkers. So, a photo booth is a beautiful way to remember friendships and relish the moment’s energy. Even cheaper alternatives are acceptable.

You can set up a DIY photo booth. Use some intentional decoration. Use an iPad or smartphone. Then, upload the pictures to a shareable Google folder.

Gather Ideas From Employees

Ask your staff for suggestions if you are at a loss for words. Above all else, you should ensure that your employees are having a good time. So if you’re unsure of the kinds of activities they’d enjoy, ask them!

It’s important to remember that some employees might feel uneasy about going to an event in person. If you choose to do so in person, include COVID-19 safety precautions. You want your team to feel safe and at ease.

Plan the Best Christmas Party Ever

If you follow these simple tips, you’re sure to throw a killer office Christmas party that everyone will discuss for years. So get planning and enjoy the festivities!

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