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7 Creative Ways to Announce a Surprise Disney Trip to Your Kids

Did you know that more and more families are visiting Disney theme parks? While the coronavirus dropped attendance numbers in 2020, trips and vacations to Disney are back in full swing.

Now may be the perfect time to plan a surprise Disney trip for your children and family. Have you ever wondered how you can get away with a Disney surprise? Here are some tricks to use so you do not miss the big reveal.

1. Advent or Hanukkah Countdown

The holidays are the perfect time to announce and plan a Disney vacation. You can use your Disney trip as your children’s holiday gifts so that you will not have to spend extra on their usual presents.

If you celebrate Advent or Hanukkah, then you can use the multiple days to count down to the trip. Put a creative gift in each present and finish with a Disney surprise box announcing the vacation.

For an Advent calendar, you can place a clue or a small gift in each box for them to open. You can either design your own or find one from many different big box stores around the holiday season.

2. Do Not Tell Them the Destination

One of the best ways that you can reveal your Disney trip is by not telling your children anything. It is up to you to decide how much information you want to reveal about the Disney surprise.

You can let them know that your family is going on a vacation to somewhere warm, so they know what to pack. Or, to make it an even bigger surprise, you can take them out of school for a Disney trip.

If you are flying to Disney, it may be more difficult to keep it under wraps once you reach the airport. Your older children may be able to guess the destination once you reach your gate or they see the airline tickets.

Once they find out where you are going, have your cell phone ready to record their reaction. They can look back on it and see a priceless memory when they found out they were going to Disney.

3. Give Them a Disney Gift Card

It is great to teach older children responsibility by giving them an allowance on vacation. Going to Disney means spending a lot of money on toys and souvenirs.

To surprise them with a Disney vacation, try buying a gift card with a set amount. You can put it in their birthday or holiday gift, or simply hand it to them before the trip.

You get the double benefit of revealing the Disney trip and giving them a set amount that they can budget how they wish. They can spend their Disney gift card on almost anything they want in the parks.

You can also use Disney gift cards to budget the whole vacation. It is a great way to prevent your family from spending too much money throughout the trip.

4. Pack Their Disney Bags

If your kids need luggage or it is their first vacation, buy them a suitcase or backpack that is Disney-themed. Before the vacation, pack all of their essentials in the bag and reveal them as a surprise.

For older children, you can give them the new bag or suitcase and ask them to pack it themselves. When they ask you why, tell them that you are going on a Disney trip.

The size of the bag depends on how long your trip is going to last. For example, renting DVC points can help you stay on Disney property longer. You may need more bags so that you also have room for souvenirs.

5. Reveal It in a Game

There is nothing like surprising your children with a fun game. You can either put the trip information in a classic game that you like to play already or make one up.

For example, if you love to play Monopoly, then you can buy the Disney edition and place some clues inside. Make sure the game is age-appropriate so that your children will understand what is going on.

Smaller children may take better to an active game such as hide-and-seek. You can usual large visual cues such as cards or stuffed animals to get the message across.

6. Make a Social Media Announcement

If your children use social media, then a social media post may be the perfect way to announce you are going to Disney. Social media is wonderful for celebrating milestones and fun activities with family and friends.

Make a post on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and tag your children in it. They will get a notification on their mobile device and see that you have planned a Disney vacation.

You can come up with a creative way to announce it, such as a fun photo or even a virtual Disney surprise box. Post a picture of your family wearing Disney gear or a photo of the parks that you will visit on your trip.

7. Leave Clues Around the House

Easter eggs are one of the best ways that you can reveal a Disney vacation and they are low maintenance. Try leaving a clue every day that your children may notice.

For instance, if you like to put things on the fridge, sneak in a Disney magnet or even a small map of the area. Put out brochures for Disney resorts that they will see as well.

Play Disney movies or music more often than you usually do while you are at home. Your children may wonder if something is going on.

Plan a Surprise Disney Trip Today

If you have ever wanted to pull off a surprise Disney trip, it is totally doable for your family. With these tips, you can accomplish your Disney surprise and have a great vacation with your children.

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