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5 Most Popular Table Lamps in 2022

Cordless lamps can offer well-designed illumination on every occasion in different locations. They are practical to use because of their battery-operated features which eliminate the use of long cords and outlets. They can be placed wherever located in the house as long as the lighting is needed. They can be used for outdoor or indoor settings depending on the purpose of the event. Different brands, styles, and features of these cordless lamps are available in the market. Here are some popular cordless table lamps in 2022.

1. The Smart Touch Table Lamp

With a single tap, the brightness of the Smart Touch Table Lamp can be controlled. The available colors of its brightness are white, warm, and natural. This contemporary design of this cordless lamp adds exquisiteness to the table setup. It can be used as a centerpiece on a particular occasion or a nightstand light for a reading session. Also, it has rechargeable batteries that can last a long.

The Loft LED Table Lamp

The cordless Loft LED Table Lamp is a rechargeable battery-operated lamp made with aluminum alloy with a metallic touch. It is suitable for any indoor or outdoor gatherings whether intimate or in a large group of people. It produces visually appealing lighting which creates proper ambiance for the occasion. It can also be used as an office or study table lamp that provides adequate light for doing paperwork.

3. The Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp

The Moon Cordless LED Table Lamps are extraordinary lamps that can be used not only for illuminating tables for occasions but also for displaying them as background lighting for events with garden or stairways setup. These lamps offer quality illumination to provide a soothing atmosphere, especially at nighttime. Powered by rechargeable batteries and controlled by a remote, the Moon Cordless LED Table Lamps give different lighting and glow perfectly for every occasion. 

4. The Dainty Waterproof Cordless LED Table Lamp

Water-resistant lamps which can be carried for every travel in different places, these are the Dainty Waterproof Cordless Led Lamps. These lamps are a perfect companion for outdoor activity because of their long-lasting rechargeable batteries. No need to worry if it rains because the lamps are waterproof! If they are fit for outside use, they are also suitable for indoor use. These lamps can give a well-lit room for completing late-night work for the office or preparing for review for an upcoming exam.

5. The Carry On Brass and Metal Cordless Table Lamp

The striking dome shape design of the Carry On Brass and Metal Cordless Table Lamp makes it unique from all other cordless lamps. A portable table lamp with a metallic handle and rechargeable batteries is flawless for carrying and displaying on the restaurant’s dinner table, doorway or balcony. Its metallic handle can be folded down to expose its unique orb-like brightness which can be an additional touch for a delightful and relaxing panoramic view.


Cordless lamps eliminate the unsightly power cord lines that might be a tripping hazard or traditional candles that might blow out if it’s windy. These lamps are great for places with limited outlets since they provide light without requiring new wiring or long extension cords because of their rechargeable battery-powered features. They can also be beautifully added to every design for different occasions.  These wonderful cordless lamps will save time and money. It will appear that you spent hours decorating, but it was as simple as placing lamps on the table!


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