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3 Types of Home Physical Therapy Services

As of 2022, there were 130,770 physical therapist-related companies in the US, a 4.2% increase from 2021.

Physical therapy can be an effective way to help your body recover from an injury, chronic pain, or other health problems. A trained physical therapist can check your symptoms and perform exercises to restore strength and mobility.

There are a lot of different home physical therapy services you can use. These services can save you time and stress by allowing flexibility with your therapy session. But it’s foremost to learn more about home physical therapy options and ensure they’re appropriate for your needs and goals.

Keep reading if you’re trying to figure out which physical therapy service is ideal for you. We’ll share the different services and how you’ll enjoy them.

1. In-Home Physical Therapy Services

There are many reasons why people might need in-home physical therapy services. Some people may be unable to travel to a clinic or hospital for therapy, while others may prefer the privacy and convenience of in-home services.

In-home physical therapy services can help with a wide variety of issues. If you have recently had surgery, an in-home therapist can help you recover and regain your strength. If you are dealing with an injury, this type of physical therapy can help you heal and get back to your normal activities.

More importantly, if you are dealing with a chronic condition, in-home physical therapy can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Physical therapy in home is an important part of the care continuum, and it can help patients to heal, recover, and achieve their maximal level of function.

2. Mobile Physical Therapy Services

These types of home physical therapy services are designed to provide patients with the care and treatment they need to recover from an injury or surgery. The therapist will visit the patient in their home or office, and provide them with the necessary treatments to help them heal. This can include exercises, massage, and electrical stimulation.

These therapists can customize care plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. They can provide a variety of services such as strength training, range of motion exercises, and balance training. They will also provide education on how to prevent future injuries and how to properly care for the injured area.

3. Geriatric Physical Therapy Services

This type of physical therapy works with older adults to improve their quality of life by alleviating pain, reducing the risk of falls, and improving mobility. They also guide older adults and their caregivers on how to manage age-related health conditions.

There is a growing need for this kind of home physical therapy service as the population of older adults continues to grow. This is because older adults are living longer and are more active than ever before.

Choose the Right Service for Your Needs

Many types of physical therapy services can help you heal and recover from an injury or surgery. Your physical therapist will design a custom plan for your needs and goals. Some home physical therapy services include exercises, stretching, and massage.

These services can help you improve your range of motion, strength, and flexibility. Contact your local physical therapy clinic to learn more about the home physical therapy services available to you.

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