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10 Benefits of Homeschooling for Boys

When most people think of homeschooling, they automatically assume that it’s an option mostly available to girls and that boys might suffer academically in comparison to their peers in traditional public schools. In reality, however, some major benefits of homeschooling for boys may make a choice worth considering. If you’re looking at the possibility of homeschooling your son, here are 10 benefits of homeschooling for boys to consider.

1) Build Confidence

Studies show that homeschooled boys are more likely to get better grades and go on to college than their public school counterparts. Homeschooled students have been found to have higher SAT scores than their peers, as well. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, when it comes to teaching homeschooled children, parents take on many different roles: teacher, mentor, tutor, counsellor.

2) Build Strong Relationships

One reason some people homeschool their children is that they want to form strong relationships with them. Research has shown that when a student and a teacher share a strong bond, that student will do better in school. When you are on your computer at home all day, who is there to develop that relationship with? A parent can be responsible for both the education and the relationships while they’re teaching their child at home. 

3) Build Your Social Skills

Some research suggests that homeschooled children are at a social disadvantage due to a lack of experience with interacting with people their own age. Children also spend less time in unstructured, free play as they develop socially. But there are also many benefits to homeschooling, including giving parents the opportunity to tailor the curriculum to suit their child’s interests and needs. Therefore, it’s important not only to discuss potential downsides but also to emphasize potential upsides as well.

4) Get Outdoors and Exercise

One advantage of homeschooling is that it opens up the opportunity to get outdoors and exercise more often. When children spend most of their time indoors, they’re less likely to be outside, which can have negative consequences. 

Don’t forget to bring your pets while walking. Read “Boys And Dog Homemaking Homeschooling Tips For Busy Folks” for more information. 

5) Go on Field Trips

Many parents worry about how to teach their children while homeschooling, but one thing that makes it easier is taking field trips. Field trips can be arranged by subject, letting you easily teach any topic and find things in your community that connect with what you’re teaching.

6) Experience More Adventures in Life

By exploring and experimenting with nature, boys can easily learn important skills like patience, persistence, self-control, an adventurous spirit. Rather than being stuck in a classroom environment where all the focus is on learning specific skills and concepts as fast as possible to get tests done and advance grades, homeschooling offers plenty of time for boys to make mistakes and refine their abilities in new ways. The journey to becoming accomplished at something is so much more fulfilling when we have the chance to explore on our own terms.

7) See the World from New Perspectives

Learning from a distance gives students an opportunity to explore and think about subjects in new ways. Being removed from the physical space also gives them more time to consider what they are learning and how it fits into their worldview. We have found that being able to interact with people who have different perspectives than theirs helps our boys see the world in new ways.

8) Develop an Open Mind and Imagination

While many parents opt to send their kids to school, homeschooling offers a number of benefits. With no pressure from the teachers or other students, they can learn at their own pace in an environment that is tailored specifically to them. Because they are in charge of all the decisions themselves, they can have more creativity and focus on subjects that interest them more. Learning how to do things on their own also helps develop an open mind and imagination.

9) Get an Inside Look at How Things Work

Homeschooled boys get to take the lead in their education and learn about what interests them. This often results in stronger math skills since there is no one around to tell the boy that boys aren’t good at math. They are also not told that science and STEM subjects are only for girls, so they may get a stronger foundation in these fields. Finally, homeschooled boys who don’t want to play sports may focus on music or art, with more creativity being fostered.

10) Love Learning

If you’re the parent to a boy, homeschooling might be the best option for them. Homeschooled boys are more engaged in their education, score higher on tests, and are much less likely to drop out of school.


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